Instant refreshment for your eyes Instant refreshment for your eyes

Helping keep your eyes looking and feeling their best

Abbott Medical Optics Inc., as experts in eye care, understand your eyes and their needs. Just like our skin or hair, our eyes are affected by harsh, drying environments, as well as being sensitive to long periods of concentration at a computer screen or reading. These conditions can leave our eyes feeling dry, gritty, irritable and uncomfortable. It is common to experience these sensations from time to time but when frequently occurring, they can leave you with an overall sense of fatigue. The blink® eye care range is scientifically formulated to help replenish what modern living takes out - leaving you and your eyes looking and feeling their best.


Choosing a blink® product

Problem Recommended blink® product
Occasional tired or sore eyes blink® refreshing eye drops
Loss of contact lens wearing comfort blink contacts® eye drops
Contact lenses do not feel clean blink-n-clean® in-eye cleaner
Regular dry-feeling or tired eyes blink® intensive eye drops
More persistent dry-feeling, irritated eyes blink® intensive plus eye drops
Dry-feeling eyes at night blink® intensive plus eye drops
Debris or other secretions on eye-lids blink® lid-clean eye-lid wipes

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